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Hi, I'm Ari.

I dabble in a lot of [fields]{fields such as illustration, web development, digital art direction, advertising, type design and Vietnamese cuisine}. Which is why I'm not profund in any of [them.]{them, but that's fine by me.}

I just like to stare at [shit.]{shit. Not literally.}
I like to stare at a book, TV, surgical tutorials or the [Internet.]{Internet. Not moving for hours seems to be the common denominator. I suspect in a former life I was a paralyzed koala.} Speaking of, on good days I try to make the web a more intelligent and beautiful place to [be.]{be. And funny, but that's more of a bonus point.} On bad days I just try to make it less [disturbing.]{disturbing. Just don't google "harlequin baby"}

Outside of work you usually find me talking to my [plants]{95 plants}, failing at overcomplicated [boardgames]{boardgames (so badly, you have no other choice but to be impressed)} or developing overcomplicated [recipes.]{recipes. Those are vegan by the [way.]{way. Which means that I only eat locally grown, raw, organic [vegetables.]{vegetables, watered with the tears of transgender angels.}} And YumYum Cup Ramen, not [sponsored.]{sponsored. (yet)}}

You can email me at []{ but I'm terrible at responding in an appropriate time frame. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's [me.]{me. (Unless you're that tall guy from Berlin who doesn't wear deodorant and wants me to make an album cover for free. Then it's you.)} I'm working on it.}

Love, Ari


BMW Austria / Mercedes Austria / T-Mobile / Erste Bank & Sparkasse / Red Bull / Barbie / REWE Group / Thalia / Beyond Carnism / MS Dockville / Millerntor Gallery / Jugend Forscht / Immofinanz / Gärtner Möbelhaus / Ja!Natürlich / Vöslauer / Die Presse / My Toys / Van der Bellen / KOSMOS / Austrian Post


Wynken, Blynken & Nod / Jung von Matt / PKP BBDO / Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

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Cannes Young Lions (2015, 2016) / Illustration Friday (2x) / Adobe Students / Illustration Age / The Association of Illustrators / PAGE / Design made in Germany / Millerntor Gallery / VÖZ Best Team / Loves Me, Loves Me Not / A number of oscars (Which is technically correct, because zero is a number)

Dream Projects I would love to work on

Liquor packaging / Textile or wallpaper Pattern / Gold bars / Matagot Inis 3th Edition / Vegan restaurants that will pay in food / Hamburg postage stamp / Anything plant related

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Can I just say that a solid 70% of what I'm treating as a clinical therapist are the natural and inevitable outcomes of various broken societal structures? Like these people would mostly be FINE if their community hadn't actively knocked them down over and over.

We use the term "feature creep" when a client has additional demands after agreeing on the scope of work.
Do you have something similar in the #illustration industry?

We just call that working with an asshole.

Working on so many projects simultaneously, I'm puking but I'm puking rainbows. Here's a rough sketch.


Waiting to get paid as a freelancer

We must not barter the Amazon rainforest for burgers and steaks | Jonathan Watts

2/ Spread the word, help raise awareness. Just like @GretaThunberg gave all of us & those in power no option but to listen and act, you can now do the same with the Amazon. Inform yourself and share the knowledge:

1/ The Amazon forest is burning up, we’ve all heard about it by now. What can you do about it? A thread in 8 chapters. 🌳🔥👩🏼‍🚒💪🏾

when i was in college, i was depressed & on zoloft for four years.

when i left college the depression lifted and never returned.

the whole time i had thought it was just me.

but sometimes it really is your situation, your surroundings.

look around.
where you are is real.

Nothing worse then, when completing a project the client has a tiny last ask:

“oh and could you sign this contract?”

Which suddenly states that you give away all IP, ownership, inventions, ideas, authorship and your dog.

- I think I'm always right.

- I'm good at bullshitting my way out of a discussion even though I know I'm wrong.

- I have far more enthusiasm than competence.

- Being uneducated about a topic doesn't stop me from having a strong opinion about it.

The list goes on...