photo Photography by Torsten Drever
A Filipino/Italian illustrator living in Berlin.

I dabbled forever in art and many of its malformed afterbirths before finally taking a shot in editorial illustration,
which I couldn't be more happy with.

My style is a bastard of 1930 goldenage surrealism and 2019 vector art dilettantism. I like bright colors telling me terrible things.
Favorite subjects to draw center timeless topics such as power, money, science, death, love and fried chicken.

Outside of work you usually find me developing vegan recipes, losing at overcomplicated board games or starring at a dead tree, hallucinating.
(I wanted to say something more interesting than reading.)

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BMW Austria / Mercedes Austria / T-Mobile / Erste Bank & Sparkasse / Red Bull / Barbie / REWE Group / Thalia / Beyond Carnism / MS Dockville / Millerntor Gallery / Jugend Forscht / Immofinanz / Gärtner Möbelhaus / The Guardian / OUT Magazine / Wirtschaftswoche / LesMigras / Die Presse / My Toys / Van der Bellen / KOSMOS / Austrian Post


Wynken, Blynken & Nod / Jung von Matt / PKP BBDO / Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann / Zimmermann Editorial /

Currently working at

Awards & Features

Cannes Young Lions (2015, 2016) / Illustration Friday (2x) /
Adobe Students / Illustration Age / Digital Arts Magazine /
Medium /The Association of Illustrators / PAGE /
Design made in Germany / Millerntor Gallery / VÖZ Best Team /
Loves Me, Loves Me Not / A number of oscars (Which is technically correct, because zero is a number)

Dream Projects I would love
to work on

Liquor packaging / Textile or wallpaper Pattern / Gold bars /
Matagot Inis 3th Edition / Vegan restaurants that will pay in food / Hamburg postage stamp / Anything plant related

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Kudos to AD Stevie Remsberg

On the first day of christmas my stupid ass agreed to
4 comissions,
3 allnighters,
2 mental breakdowns
and 1 whole week of anxiety

Had the chance to draw Beyonce o/


How does this keep happening, with Malika Favre also getting ripped off this week?

Does nobody think first anymore about plagiarism or hosting contests that fleece the artist? We ask the same of arty platforms that write about obvious examples of both w/out pause for thought...

This project by agency Everland praised on @creativeboommag today is a prime example of how image banks like @Shutterstock are enabling shameless copies to be sold. What did Everland actually designed? Nothing. They bought a cheap version of my work and call themselves creatives.


I can't stand interviewers, who need to interrupt to make sure everyone knows that they're as smart as their guest.

Speaking of: Any #podcast recommendations with really skilled hosts?

Lates work for @wiwo o/
The economics of aging



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@JemVenn @hannahlock Idea: Getting a pet parrot and teaching it to say things like "The composition doesn't work" or "I'm not sure if that color conveys the right tone"