photo Photography by Torsten Drever
A Filipino/Italian illustrator living and working in Berlin.

Favorite subjects to draw center timeless topics such as power, money, science, death, love and fried chicken.
Outside of work you usually find me developing vegan recipes or losing at overcomplicated board games.
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Represented by Roar illustration agency.


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The Arena UK / Agents for Change / FUSE Manchester / The Association of Illustrators /
Society of publication designers / Creative lives in progress /
Adobe Students / Illustration Age / Digital Arts Magazine /
Medium /Illustration Friday (2x) / PAGE /
Design made in Germany / Millerntor Gallery /
Loves Me, Loves Me Not / A number of oscars (Which is technically correct, because zero is a number)

Dream Projects I would love
to work on

Liquor packaging / Textile or wallpaper Pattern / Gold bars /
Matagot Inis 3th Edition / Vegan restaurants that will pay in food / Hamburg postage stamp / Anything plant related

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NEW WORK ✨Stunning illustrative portrait of @arooj_aftab by our artist Alexandria Olivia Hall for @FastCompany


tiktok/instagram pushing video as the primary content medium → increases time it takes to prepare content → people who actually do shit don't have time to edit → actual creators silent on platform → platform filled with pseudo-creators concerned with editing over substance

being in ur late 20s kinda sux cuz that’s when ur body can no longer depend on just adrenaline and pure spite to get u through the day. now u actually have to eat food. so lame

Anyone: I like cheese.

Twitter: Why you would say that when I, the main character, am lactose intolerant?!

Sometimes I am afraid of running out of ideas for editorials. 🥲🫠

Hello it’s portfolio time.
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I’m sorry to say that, by and large, Illustration for Publishing and Editorial is now a fairly unsustainable way for freelancers to make a living. A tiny minority may be able to make it work, but I can’t see that it’s good advice to offer it as a career choice, such a shame.

"No doc, my problems and stories are so fascinating, this time I'm billing you for the session"