photo Photography by Torsten Drever
A Filipino/Italian illustrator living and working in Berlin.

Favorite subjects to draw center timeless topics such as power, money, science, death, love and fried chicken.
Outside of work you usually find me developing vegan recipes or losing at overcomplicated board games.
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Represented by Roar illustration agency.


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The Arena UK / Agents for Change / FUSE Manchester / The Association of Illustrators /
Society of publication designers / Creative lives in progress /
Adobe Students / Illustration Age / Digital Arts Magazine /
Medium /Illustration Friday (2x) / PAGE /
Design made in Germany / Millerntor Gallery /
Loves Me, Loves Me Not / A number of oscars (Which is technically correct, because zero is a number)

Dream Projects I would love
to work on

Liquor packaging / Textile or wallpaper Pattern / Gold bars /
Matagot Inis 3th Edition / Vegan restaurants that will pay in food / Hamburg postage stamp / Anything plant related

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Dear companies hiring freelancers: Please be upfront about your budget. Don't expect the freelancer to try and guess what to charge without losing the job. It's not like coming from YOUR pocket. It's been budgeted for, so spend it. You know we undercharge at the best of times.

Come and say hi - we've been waiting for you! Take a moment to distance yourself from this busy space and let's just talk about life.

If your design team is specialized enough to separate UI and UX, why are you handing off your illustration tasks to whichever graphic designer on staff can draw the best?

Please don't hire an illustrator if all you actually want is a more vibrant stock photo.

New work for @google on using digital noise to protect your data. Irrelevant datapoints will be randomised and altered so to make sure the user won’t be traceable.

Many thanks to the Google team for the amazing art direction!

Project managed by my brilliant agent @roarartists


I’ve been working a 7 day a week 8-10 hour a day job on top of my usual freelancing gigs for over a month and I feel like I’m dying. Please pay us more. Please don’t make us work ourselves to death.

Mind-blowing fact:

Focus comes from the Latin word for Hearth. A hearth is traditionally a place of Sacrifice. A hearth is an altar.

Focus is an altar.

To focus means to sacrifice something.

#FantasticBeasts3 :
Instead of developing one good plot line lets write 20 mediocre plot lines and dilute that to a movie.

Mads Mikkelsen was awesome though!

War is tipping a fragile world towards mass hunger. Fixing that is everyone’s business. Our latest cover story explains how the calamity can be minimised

she is going home to make soup