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Hi, I'm Ari.

I dabble in a lot of [fields]{fields such as illustration, web development, digital art direction, advertising, type design and Vietnamese cuisine}. Which is why I'm not profund in any of [them.]{them, but that's fine by me.}

I just like to stare at [shit.]{shit. Not literally.}
I like to stare at a book, TV, surgical tutorials or the [Internet.]{Internet. Not moving for hours seems to be the common denominator. I suspect in a former life I was a paralyzed koala.} Speaking of, on good days I try to make the web a more intelligent and beautiful place to [be.]{be. And funny, but that's more of a bonus point.} On bad days I just try to make it less [disturbing.]{disturbing. Just don't google "harlequin baby"}

Outside of work you usually find me talking to my [plants]{73 plants}, failing at overcomplicated [boardgames]{boardgames (so badly, you have no other choice but to be impressed)} or developing overcomplicated [recipes.]{recipes. Those are vegan by the [way.]{way. Which means that I only eat locally grown, raw, organic [vegetables.]{vegetables, watered with the tears of transgender angels.}} And YumYum Cup Ramen, not [sponsored.]{sponsored. (yet)}}

You can email me at []{ but I'm terrible at responding in an appropriate time frame. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's [me.]{me. (Unless you're that tall guy from Berlin who doesn't wear deodorant and wants me to make an album cover for free. Then it's you.)} I'm working on it.}

Love, Ari


BMW Austria / Mercedes Austria / T-Mobile / Erste Bank & Sparkasse / Red Bull / Barbie / REWE Group / Thalia / Beyond Carnism / MS Dockville / Millerntor Gallery / Jugend Forscht / Immofinanz / Gärtner Möbelhaus / Ja!Natürlich / Vöslauer / Die Presse / My Toys / Van der Bellen / KOSMOS / Austrian Post


Wynken, Blynken & Nod / Jung von Matt / PKP BBDO / Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

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Cannes Young Lions (2015, 2016) / Illustration Friday (2x) / Adobe Students / Illustration Age / The Association of Illustrators / PAGE / Design made in Germany / Millerntor Gallery / VÖZ Best Team / Loves Me, Loves Me Not / A number of oscars (Which is technically correct, because zero is a number)

Dream Projects I would love to work on

Liquor packaging / Textile or wallpaper Pattern / Gold bars / Matagot Inis 3th Edition / Vegan restaurants that will pay in food / Hamburg postage stamp / Anything plant related

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Finally remembered the name of that one 20th c. painter who's color palettes I wanted to STEAL.

Walter Everett


cross hatching is meditative sisyphus work

#workinprogress #illustration

Thank you so much @PAGEmag for the feature :D