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The Earl Orange

Prints available at "The Earl Orange" a New Zealand based online print shop. The artworks featured on the Earl Orange are a New Zealand-exclusive curated collection from international artists.

Stop Asian Hate Print here:

Make your mark Print here:

Interview on FUSE

Thank you so much to Jaheed Hussain for the interview!
"In the spirit of a dabbler I also try to see how my interests can feed one another, so my personal projects center marrying illustration with web development. I'm interested in pursuing animation as well, but anytime I use after effects for more than an hour I think "Why am I doing this to myself?" Creating illustrations with pure CSS or animated SVGs on websites seemed like a good circumvention. It's likely more laborious so it doesn't make a lot of sense but it works anyway. The last sentence could be the anthem of my life."

Full article here:

Feature on PAGE

A series of illustrations for GQ Germany, about Joko Winterscheidts column.
Many thanks to editor Sabine Danek for the feature!

Full article here:

Interview in Ball Pit Magazine

"I avoid inspiration. At least in terms of visual influence. Not hopping on Pinterest reduces the chance to use arbitrary metaphors and color schemes that have little to do with the commission.
Reading the client brief carefully is enough and should be the main source of inspiration. However, when I feel stuck, I religiously nap or take long walks. (There’s no religion dedicated to that, but I think there should be.)"

Full interview here:

Interview in NOVUM magazine

I started reading NOVUM magazine when I was 16 and still wondering what I should do with myself. It feels surreal to be featured.

"My constant striving to make difficult or dry topics into something digestible. After all, the great thing about illustration is that an abstraction can be made into something amusing or at least tolerable for the viewer – irrespective of whether I’m illustrating European fiscal policy, Taylor Swift or breast cancer.
Not that I always pull it off, but to keep on trying – that’s the point."

You can get the march 2020 issue here:

Vector tutorial on digital arts

I started getting more emails about how I create my illustrations and coincidentally digital arts comissioned me for a tutorial.

You can read it up here:

Interview on digital arts

Had the honor of an interview on digital arts magazine.

"Personally, I'm more engaged when the job centres on climate change or social justice. Nevertheless, I don't think that illustration needs such honourable motives to be exciting. The drier the subject matter, the more important it is to make it appealing.
Illustration can be the vital frosting to make something seemingly boring easily digestible. That's what I love about it."

Read the full interview here:

Feature on Lecture in progress

21 steps to the perfect editorial commission, by The Guardian’s Chris Clarke

I recently worked with Chris on a cover for the Guardian UK. My sketches for this job were used as an example on balancing refinement in the roughs to convey the concept.

"An example of successful roughs: “Ari Liloan’s roughs communicate in a refined way, with enough detail behind the concept, but still leaving room for interpretation.”

Read the full article here:

Interview on PAGE magazine

My very first German Interview.

"Technik Der Prozess ist ein Bastard aus Erfahrungen im pedantischen Schriftdesign und schlampigen Storyboarding. Ich bin zwanghaft an ein Vektor-Arbeitsumfeld gebunden, da ich jeden Strich jederzeit bearbeitbar halten will. Deswegen arbeite ich auch 100% digital, selbst die Skizze entsteht in Photoshop. Es ist jedoch weniger mein Kontrollzwang als analoge Inkompetenz. Feinmotorik ist nicht meine Stärke."

Read the full interview here:

Millerntor Gallery #9

Contributing to the 2019 Millerntor Gallery.
Motto for this year "Art creates water"

I created a print, referencing lady justice.
The claim "Water as a human right" is still not a reality to everyone. In this sense, the symbol of justice, was reinterpreted, as a patron for those who are not yet sufficiently supplied with water. An African woman dressed in traditional patterns with a scale from which water emerges.

Find out more about the gallery here: